The fascinating keelboat for sailors who love regattas but avoid the weight room.
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The creators

The creators

In 2018/2019, due to the insolvency of the only 2.4mR series manufacturer in the world (Charger / Finland), a reliable new manufacturer was urgently sought so that the 2.4mR class could continue to develop. Because of the lack of clarity about the license at the time, it was important to ensure that it was not allowed to be an original, surveyable replica of the 2.4 Norlin One Design (OD) - a condition that has now been removed.

The then president of the international 2.4mR class association, Steve Bullmore, as well as the chairman of the German 2.4mR class association, Ulli Libor, and the long-time importer of the 2.4mR, Stefan Kaste, thought about alternatives. In Brian Harding from Great Britain, they found an enthusiastic 2.4mR sailor and entrepreneur who drove the project forward, contacted shipyards and had molds built. In a large number of coordination meetings, the SUPER 3 was then created as a further development of the Norlin Mk III. The first ships were then delivered in 2020.

The promoters of the SUPER 3

Steve Bullmore
Stefan Kaste
Ulli Libor
Brian Harding - soon not just as a back

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