The fascinating keelboat for sailors who love regattas but avoid the weight room.
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Ulli Libor

Ulli Libor

After an extensive sailing and regatta life in various boat classes, Ulli Libor entered the 2014 in 2.4 and is now driving his fifth boat, a SUPER 3.

What he particularly enthuses about the ship, he expresses as follows:

A higher coaming and a rounded deck are the distinctive changes that do not show any influence on the boat speed. But it sails drier on deck.

The longitudinal side stringers give the hull considerable rigidity and thus better control over the shrouds and forestay. This means a traceable profile setting of the sails and thus better height in the wind and setting for speed.

Rig and sails voluntarily have the unit dimensions of the OD rules, which results in restrictions in the hull dimensions due to the formula (i.e. more uniformity).

The keel has more wall thickness and is therefore a little heavier.

In addition, Ulli says:

Before I got into the 2.4mR, I was a one design advocate with reservations about construction classes. In the meantime it became clear to me that the meter formula (for displacers) has the best conditions to race against each other with the same racing value, provided that some limit dimensions are specified, as is the case with the 2.4mR. Without these limit values, the 5,5mR class, for example, developed negatively. With totally different keel constructions and sail dimensions, different classes developed that can no longer sail against each other equally.

Ulli's sailing vita is impressive: he sailed a pirate, OK dinghy, Finn Dinghi, Tempest, Flying Dutchman, star boat, kite, quarter-tonner, half-tonner, Admiral's Cup yachts, 12mR, 5,5mR. In the Flying Dutchman he won the silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972. Since 2014 he has felt at home in the 2.4, which is extremely demanding in terms of sailing trim and tactics, but does not require physical, but mental fitness. 

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