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The class

The class

The class belongs to the family of meter rule yachts such as 5.5mR, 6mR, 8mR or 12mR. These boats are named after their measurement value, which results from the length, width and displacement values ​​of the hull as well as the sail dimensions. The final value here is 2.4mR.

The class was created in connection with the regattas for the America's Cup in the 12mR class off Newport (Rhode Island), USA, in 1980. Back then, “small” 12s were designed for sponsorship and training purposes, which is why the class is often (incorrectly) called Mini Twelve - because these were quite undemanding compared to the 2.4.

In contrast to the 5.5 or 12 series, the design options for the 2.4 series are very limited, so that "old" designs are still competitive with new designs. The Norlin MK III, drawn by Peter Norlin, is the most popular in the world. However, other constructions such as Södergren, Stradivari or Super 3 are fully competitive.

The 2.4 has the World Sailing International Class status. The class is spread around the world - the focus is on Europe, North America and Australia, but there are also considerable fleets in Asia and South America. At world championships, fields of over 100 participants are common.

The 2.4mR is a unique class! Certainly good to sail for beginners, but if you want to sail fast it becomes challenging. Then good trimming skills, tactical knowledge and regatta experience are required.

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