2.4mR - SUPER 3 website in progress

The fascinating keelboat for sailors who love regattas but avoid the weight room.
2.4mR - SUPER 3 website in progress

2.4mR - SUPER 3 website in progress

The boat

The SUPER 3 is the latest design in the 2.4mR boat class. It was created on the basis of the proven Norlin Mark III with numerous improvements:

  • The deck is slightly higher in the front. This ensures less water splash on the deck.
  • Side tanks are built into the boat to provide more buoyancy. Lateral support is also improved by the tanks. At the same time, the piano can be omitted because there are areas for curry clips on the side. This is an advantage for tall sailors.
  • The coaming is significantly higher. This increases the buoyancy and you can do without a breakwater.
  • The keel is built to the maximum possible size at 1,0 m, the segmented lead is deeper.
  • The rudder blade was developed by MILANES foils and has a new hydrodynamically optimized shape.

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